NCERT Solutions for Class 3

NCERT Class 3 Solutions for Maths, English & EVS

Class 3 is a vital stage in primary education, where students learn various types of concepts at an increasing level of difficulty. Not having a thorough knowledge of the different concepts of the various subjects like Maths, EVS, and English is likely to affect the overall performance of the students. Hence, Class 3 students need to prepare sufficiently for their CBSE Class 3 exams with the help of NCERT Solutions.

Given below are the NCERT Solutions of Class 3 of various subjects as per the latest CBSE (NCERT) syllabus. You can download NCERT Solutions for Class 3 All subjects in PDF format from the links given below:

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths

Maths is one of the key subjects of Class 3. The Class 3 Maths syllabus comprises various topics such as shapes, measurements, addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, counting numbers, and place values. The NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths include answers to topics of different sections of the above-mentioned topics, as per the latest CBSE syllabus.

Access the chapter-wise NCERT Class 3 Maths Solutions from the links provided below:

Chapter 1 Where to look from?
Chapter 2 Fun with Numbers
Chapter 3 Give and Take
Chapter 4 Long and Short
Chapter 5 Shapes and Designs
Chapter 6 Fun with Give and Take
Chapter 7 Time Goes on
Chapter 8 Who is Heavier?
Chapter 9 How Many Times?
Chapter 10 Play with Patterns
Chapter 11 Jugs and Mugs
Chapter 12 Can We Share?
Chapter 13 Smart Charts
Chapter 14 Rupees and Paise

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS

EVS stands for Environmental Studies. In the Class 3 EVS syllabus, students learn about the importance of our environment and how to keep it safe, clean, and protected. The NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS help students to grasp how to solve various environment-related questions and score good marks in the exam.

Access the chapter-wise NCERT Class 3 EVS Solutions from the links provided below:

Chapter 1 Poonam’s Day Out Chapter 13 Sharing Our Feelings
Chapter 2 The Plant Fairy Chapter 14 The Story of Food
Chapter 3 Water O’ Water! Chapter 15 Making Pots
Chapter 4 Our First School Chapter 16 Games We Play
Chapter 5 Chhotu’s House Chapter 17 Here Comes a Letter
Chapter 6 Foods We Eat Chapter 18 A House Like This
Chapter 7 Saying without Speaking Chapter 19 Our Friends – Animals
Chapter 8 Flying High Chapter 20 Drop by Drop
Chapter 9 It’s Raining Chapter 21 Families Can Be Different
Chapter 10 What Is Cooking? Chapter 22 Left-Right
Chapter 11 From Here to There Chapter 23 A Beautiful Cloth
Chapter 12 Work We Do Chapter 24 Web of Life

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English

The Class 3 English curriculum includes poems, stories, and a couple of topic-related questions. The main purpose of this subject is to impart to students the basic knowledge of how to read, write, and speak English and understand the different parts of speech as per CBSE Class 3 English Grammar. The NCERT Solutions of Class 3 English help students clarify their doubts while solving their subject-related queries.

Unit 1 Poem: Good Morning Unit 1 The Magic Garden
Unit 2 Poem: Bird Talk Unit 2 Nina and the Baby Sparrows
Unit 3 Poem: Little by Little Unit 3 The Enormous Turnip
Unit 4 Poem: Sea Song Unit 4 A Little Fish Story
Unit 5 Poem: The Balloon Man Unit 5 The Yellow Butterfly
Unit 6 Poem: Trains Unit 6 The Story of the Road
Unit 7 Poem: Puppy and I Unit 7 Little Tiger, Big Tiger
Unit 8 Poem: What’s in the Mailbox? Unit 8 My Silly Sister
Unit 9 Poem: Don’t Tell Unit 9 He Is My Brother
Unit 10 Poem: How Creatures Move Unit 10 The Ship of the Desert

Why Should You Follow BYJU’S NCERT Solutions for Class 3?

There are times when students might not be able to derive a solution to a particular question. In Class 3, mere mugging up of questions and then going through NCERT syllabus books is not the best practice to score good marks in the exams. At BYJU’S, we are providing tailor-made NCERT Class 3 Solutions to help students perform well in the exams. Besides, these NCERT Solutions for Class 3 ignite interest in the minds of young students to learn more and find out ways to solve any particular question properly.

Other Resources

In addition to the NCERT Solutions for Class 3, here are some other resources for your reference:

  1. Class 3 CBSE Syllabus
  2. Class 3 NCERT Books
  3. Class 3 English Poems
  4. Class 3 English Essays
  5. Class 3 General Knowledge (GK)

Parents and students may also want to check our Kids Learning section and download BYJU’S: The Learning App on their personal computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones and explore various topics of interest. Various important concepts are explained through interactive videos, quizzes, and games. Besides, BYJU’S provides free study materials, sample papers, and other resources for students to refer to while studying and to prepare well for the exams.


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