CBSE Extra Questions for Class 9 Science

CBSE Class 9 Science Extra Questions will help students prepare effectively for the exams during the academic year. These CBSE Class 9 extra questions for Science are framed as per the latest CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus and cover all the important topics. Practising these extra questions for Class 9 Science will strengthen the knowledge of students and help them understand how questions are framed in the exam. So, they must practise these questions before the exams.

CBSE Extra Questions for Class 9 Science

Students of CBSE Class 9 can find the extra questions for the Science subject below in order to prepare well for the upcoming examinations.

  1. Why are the ceilings of concert halls in curved design?
  2. Define reverberation and how it can be reduced.
  3. What happens to the kinetic energy of the body freely falling from a height and reaching the ground?
  4. Explain the reason behind why the fall of a sheet of paper is different from the crumpled ball form of the same.
  5. Prove the statement that action is equal to reaction with respect to the situation of a horse pulling a cart.
  6. Differentiate between velocity and speed.
  7. On what basis are organisms grouped into five kingdoms?
  8. Explain the reason why lysosomes are called suicide bags.
  9. Explain the reason behind the temperature remaining constant while changing the state for any substances.
  10. Which, among steam or boiling water, produces severe burns?
  11. Define the mass per cent of a solution.
  12. Name the cells responsible for contraction and relaxation movements.
  13. What is an example of a non-uniform acceleration?
  14. How to differentiate between communicable and non-communicable diseases?
  15. Give the benefits of mixed cropping.

Importance of CBSE Extra Questions for Class 9 Science

  • Solving multiple number of questions on a single topic will help students retain the information effectively.
  • The CBSE extra questions given here bring out the important topics frequently asked in the Class 9 Science examinations.
  • The questions provided are asked in long-answer and short-answer types in the examinations.
  • These CBSE extra questions of Class 9 Science adhere to the latest CBSE curriculum.
  • Having these CBSE Class 9 Science extra questions handy and solving them on a regular basis will definitely yield fruitful results.

Practising these extra questions is always helpful for scoring good marks in exams. Moreover, solving the CBSE question papers will help students get a good knowledge of the exam pattern.

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