CBSE Class 10 Science Extra Questions

CBSE Class 10 Science Extra Questions consist of all the important concepts which, if solved during exams, will make your practice complete. These questions are part of the Physics, Chemistry and Biology sections of the CBSE Class 10 and will be very helpful for the students who want to ace the CBSE Class 10 Board exam. Students might miss out on some important concepts while preparing, but with the help of these extra questions, they will cover them and excel in the Science exam.

Importance of Extra Questions for CBSE Class 10 Science

  • These CBSE Class 10 extra questions are prepared by subject-matter experts who have thoroughly revised the entire syllabus and have a clear idea about the important questions which are helpful for the students from the board exam point of view.
  • These questions can have illustrative descriptions with images and graphical representations in order to provide information conveniently.
  • The answers to the CBSE extra questions for Class 10 are inside the chapter itself, and with proper practice, these questions will help students in the retention of important topics.
  • Practising these extra questions for CBSE Class 10 will keep their problem-solving skills at an optimum level.
  • Students solving these questions will get clarity in the CBSE Class 10 Science subject, as these extra questions will cover pretty much all the important topics, and also the topics which might have been missed out.

Students are advised to refer to these questions after completing their preparation for the Science exam and grab the excitement of solving numerous mind-boggling questions of the CBSE Class 10 Science subject. Along with this, students can also solve the CBSE Class 10 Question Papers for more practice. Here are the extra questions for Science subjects for CBSE Class 10 students.

  1. Define the function of the earth wire. What is the necessity of earthing metallic appliances?
  2. What are the methods of producing magnetic fields?
  3. What happens between the two neurons at the synapse?
  4. When adrenaline is secreted inside, what is the reaction responded to by the human body?
  5. Ionic compounds have higher melting points. Why?
  6. Food items containing fats and oil can be flushed with the help of nitrogen. Explain.
  7. Why brass and copper vessels are used to store sour substances such as curd, etc.?
  8. Why it is instructed to add acid to water instead of water to acid?
  9. Define Hydrogenation and its industrial application.
  10. In an electric motor, define the role of a split ring.
  11. Explain the reason behind having a convex mirror as a rearview mirror in vehicles.
  12. Explain how the sex of a child is determined in human beings.
  13. Explain how the embryo accomplishes its nourishment needs within the mother’s body.
  14. Define the oxidation of glucose in various organisms to provide energy.
  15. Explain hydrotropism with the help of an experiment.
  16. Is it necessary to balance a chemical equation? Give reasons.
  17. Mention the merits and demerits of Newland’s Classification.
  18. Write notes on the types of reproduction.

These CBSE Extra Questions are a must to have as study material while preparing for the Class 10 Science board exams.

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