Basic Calculators

In today’s scenario, people want to complete their work faster in all the fields, more particularly in the counting process. Hence, they prefer calculators than manual counting. The basic calculators are simple tools that help to solve many problems in an easy way. It eliminates the tedious process. It simplifies the task. The basic calculators perform the arithmetic operations and algebraic manipulations with greater speed and accuracy. BYJU’S online calculators are available for free and easy to work out. An accurate result for each problem can be brought out by using the calculator. The calculator has all the basic formulas for the counting process, which makes the counting process easier.

BYJU’S basic calculators help students and enhance experimentation and mathematical exploration. It is a valuable tool that has many algorithms to perform mathematical operations. It allows students to become active learners. It serves as an equalizer in mathematics education. It has found a great impact on the world, as it makes calculations faster and more exact. In the past few years, Mathematics has grown substantially, and the tool to calculate mathematical problems has also increased tremendously. Calculators change the way of mathematical calculations, which will help to begin the tremendous growth of students learning. Many investigations prove that the use of calculators will bring a positive approach to the students and brings confidence in their mathematical abilities.

List of Basic Online Calculators
2 Digit Number Addition Calculator 3 Digit Number Addition Calculator
4 Digit Number Addition Calculator Adding 3 Fractions Calculator
Adding Decimals Calculator Adding Fractions Calculator
Adding Integers Calculator Adding Mixed Fractions Calculator
Adding Money Calculator Adding Negative Numbers Calculator
Adding One Digit Numbers Calculator Adding Percentage Calculator
Adding Radicals Calculator Adding Scientific Notation Calculator
Adding Square Roots Calculator Adding Unlike Fractions Calculator
Addition Calculator Additive Inverse Calculator
Algebra Calculator Algebra Division Calculator
Algebra Factoring Calculator Angle Calculator
Area Calculator Centimeter To Meter Calculator
Centimeter To Millimeter Calculator Circle Calculator
Comparing Decimals Calculator Comparing Fractions Calculator
Cross Multiplication Calculator Cube Calculator
Cube Root Calculator Cubic Equation Solver Calculator
Cubic Foot To Cubic Inch Calculator Cubic Foot To Cubic Meter Calculator
Cubic Foot To Cubic Yard Calculator Cubic Foot To Dry Gallon Calculator
Cubic Foot To Dry Pint Calculator Cubic Foot To Gallon Calculator
Cubic Foot To Liter Calculator Cubic Foot To Milliliter Calculator
Cubic Foot To Pint Calculator Cubic Foot To Quart Calculator
Cubic Inch To Imperial Gallon Calculator Cubic Inch To Imperial Pint Calculator
Cubic Inch To Liter Calculator Decimal Notation Calculator
Decimal Place Value Calculator Diameter Calculator
Displacement Calculator Distance Calculator
Dividing Decimals Calculator Dividing Fractions Calculator
Dividing Integers Calculator Dividing Mixed Fractions Calculator
Dividing Scientific Notation Calculator Division Calculator
Emi Calculator Equation Calculator
Factorial Calculator Factoring Calculator
Fibonacci Calculator Fraction Calculator
Fractions Calculator Function Calculator
Gcd Calculator Gcf Calculator
Grams To Atoms Calculator Grams To Moles Calculator
Hectare To Acre Calculator Hour To Minute Calculator
Improper Fraction Calculator Inch To Centimeter Calculator
Inch To Feet Calculator Inch To Yard Calculator
Inequality Calculator Instantaneous Rate Of Change Calculator
Integer Calculator Kilometer To Mile Calculator
Lcm Calculator For 4 Numbers Lcm Calculator
Least Common Denominator Calculator Least To Greatest Calculator
Length Conversion Calculator Like And Unlike Decimals Calculator
Like Fractions Calculator Loan Calculator
Log10 Calculator Logarithm Calculator
Long Division Calculator Mass Calculator
Mean Median Mode Calculator Measurement Calculator
Meter To Feet Calculator Meter To Inch Calculator
Meter To Kilometer Calculator Meter To Mile Calculator
Meters To Centimeters Calculator Meters To Yards Calculator
Mixed Fraction Calculator Multiplication Calculator
Multiplication Single Digit Calculator Multiplication Tables Calculator
Multiplicative Inverse Calculator Multiplying 3 Fractions Calculator
Multiplying Integers Calculator Natural Log Calculator
Natural Numbers Addition Calculator Negative Number Calculator
Nth Root Calculator Numerator And Denominator Calculator
Palindrome Checker Calculator Percentage Calculator
Percentage Change Calculator Percentage Decrease Calculator
Percentage Difference Calculator Percentage Increase Calculator
Percentage Off Calculator Percentile Calculator
Perfect Number Calculator Perfect Square Calculator
Perimeter Calculator Polynomial Calculator
Profit Calculator Rate Of Change Calculator
Ratio Calculator Rational Or Irrational Calculator
Reciprocal Of A Fraction Calculator Rectangle Calculator
Reference Angle Calculator Remainder Calculator
Revenue Calculator Roots Calculator
Rounding Calculator Rounding Decimals Calculator
Scientific Notation Calculator Scientific Notation For Fractional Numbers Calculator
Significant Figures Calculator Simple Interest Calculator
Simplify Fractions Calculator Solve For X Calculator
Solve For Y Calculator Speed Distance Time Calculator
Square Foot To Acre Calculator Square Foot To Square Meter Calculator
Square Footage Calculator Square Meter To Acre Calculator
Square Meter To Square Feet Calculator Square Mile To Acre Calculator
Square Mile To Are Calculator Square Mile To Hectare Calculator
Square Mile To Square Kilometer Calculator Square Mile To Square Meter Calculator
Square Root Calculator Standard Form Calculator
Substitution Method Calculator Subtracting Decimals Calculator
Subtracting Fractions Calculator Subtracting Integers Calculator
Subtracting Mixed Fractions Calculator Subtracting Money Calculator
Subtracting Scientific Notation Calculator Subtraction Calculator
Summation Calculator Temperature Conversion Calculator
Triangle Calculator Weight Conversion Calculator
Convert mm to inches Calculator Semester Grade Calcualtor
Age Calculator Age Difference Calculator

If the technology is available to overcome the tedious process in a more appropriate way, why not we use it? Use the BYJU’S online basic calculators to get the solutions for the complex calculations in a fraction of seconds. A number of basic calculators for Physics, Chemistry and Maths are available here. If the input criteria are entered in the given input field, you will get an instant solution for the problem.


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