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You have learnt and understood the Physics formulae of topics like – Acceleration, Ballistics, Buoyancy, Centrifugal Force, Centripetal Force, Collision, Conversion, Deceleration, Density, Displacement, Falling Object, Force, Friction, Gravity, Horsepower, Impact, Kinematics, Lever, Magnitude, Mass, Maximum Height, Momentum, Net Force, Pendulum, Projectile Motion, Pulley, Resultant Vector, Torque & Velocity – and have studied about their uses too but when it comes to solving such formulae, you find it tough and complex. BYJU’s online Physics Calculator is a simple and unique tool which can be used to solve and calculate physics terms. Physics is the only stream in Science which consists of lots of physical formulae. So, solve them with this online calculating tool absolutely for free and enjoy learning Physics with BYJU’S.

List of Online Physics Calculators
Absolute Pressure Calculator Ac To Dc Converter Calculator
Acceleration Calculator Acceleration Due To Gravity Calculator
Activation Energy Calculator Air Flow Calculator
Angular Acceleration Calculator Angular Momentum Calculator
Angular Speed Calculator Angular Velocity Calculator
Antenna Gain Calculator Atomic Mass Calculator
Average Speed Calculator Average Velocity Calculator
Beer Lambert Law Calculator Boyles Law Calculator
Buoyancy Calculator Capacitance Calculator
Capacitive Reactance Calculator Center Of Mass Calculator
Centripetal Acceleration Calculator Centripetal Force Calculator
Circular Velocity Calculator Clausius Clapeyron Equation Calculator
Coulombs Law Calculator Current Density Calculator
Dc Voltage Drop Calculator Density Calculator
Doppler Shift Calculator Elastic Potential Energy Calculator
Electric Field Calculator Energy Storage Calculator
Engine Horsepower Calculator Equivalent Resistance Calculator
Escape Velocity Calculator Flow Rate Calculator
Force Calculator Free Fall Calculator
Frequency Calculator Friction Calculator
Friction Loss Calculator Gravitational Force Calculator
Gravitational Potential Energy Calculator Gravity Calculator
Half Life Calculator Heat Calculator
Heat Capacity Calculator Heat Transfer Calculator
Hookes Law Calculator Horsepower Calculator
Ideal Gas Law Calculator Impact Force Calculator
Impulse Calculator Impulse With Time Calculator
Inductance Calculator Inductive Reactance Calculator
Instantaneous Velocity Calculator Kinematic Calculator
Kinetic Energy Calculator Kinetic Friction Calculator
L C Resonance Calculator Mach Number Calculator
Mass Calculator Mass To Energy Calculator
Metal Weight Calculator Moment Calculator
Moment Of Inertia Calculator Momentum Calculator
Momentum With Time Calculator Momentum With Velocity Calculator
Newtons Law Of Cooling Calculator Newtons Method Calculator
Newtons Second Law Of Motion Calculator Ohms Law Calculator
Parallel Plate Capacitor Calculator Partial Pressure Calculator
Periodic Table Calculator Physical Pendulum Calculator
Pipe Flow Calculator Planetary Motion Calculator
Potential Energy Calculator Power Calculator
Power With Displacement Calculator Pressure Calculator
Pressure Conversion Calculator Pressure Drop Calculator
Projectile Motion Calculator Projectile Motion For Horizontal Displacement Calculator
Projectile Motion For Vertical Displacement Calculator Projectile Motion For Vertical Velocity Calculator
Reactance Calculators Using Capacitance Reactance Calculators Using Inductance
Relative Frequency Calculator Resistance Calculator
Reynolds Number Calculator Shadow Length Calculator
Simple Pendulum Calculator Snells Law Calculator
Sound Wavelength Calculator Specific Gravity Calculator
Specific Heat Calculator Speed Conversion Calculator
Speed Distance Time Calculator Speed Of Sound Calculator
Static Friction Calculator Stefan Boltzmann Law Calculator
Stp Calculator Strain Calculator
Stress Calculator Temperature Conversion Calculator
Thermal Expansion Calculator Torque Calculator
Torus Surface Area Calculator Total Work Calculator
Trajectory Calculator Unit Rate Calculator
Unit Vector Calculator Velocity Calculator
Voltage Divider Calculator Voltage Drop Calculator
Water Density Calculator Water Flow Calculator
Water Pressure Calculator Wavelength Calculator
Wavelength To Frequency Calculator Weight Conversion Calculator
Wheatstone Bridge Calculator Work Calculator
Youngs Modulus Calculator Zener Diode Calculator
RC/IC Circuit Frequency Variation calculator Effective Noise Temperature calculator


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