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The Union Public Service Commission declared the UPSC IAS Final Result 2022 on 23rd May 2023. Candidates who appeared for the Civil Services Main Examination 2022 can now check and download their results from the official website at upsc.gov.in.

Alongwith the UPSC  CSE 2022 final result, the commission also published the toppers list.

Candidates can check out the names of All Indian Rank holder from the notification on the official website.

A total of 933 candidates have been selected to be appointed as officers in various cadres. Ishita Kishore has topped the UPSC 2022 exam with AIR 1.

IAS Toppers, largely called UPSC Toppers, are the top rank holders of the Civil Services Examination (CSE). The candidate who secures AIR 1 in the CSE is termed the IAS Topper. However, for all, each of that candidates who secures the top rank in this most coveted All India Examination comes to be known as the Civil Services Exam Topper, as he/she serves as an inspiration to thousands of young people who aspire to clear the IAS Exam.

In this comprehensive article, you can read about UPSC Toppers of the last 9 years (2013-2022). IAS toppers’ success stories, marks, ranks are also shared as a tool of motivation for all the aspiring candidates.

UPSC Topper 2022

UPSC declared the 2022 toppers list and final results on 23rd May 2023. Ishita Kishore has topped the Civil Services Exam 2022 the result of which was declared on 23rd May 2023. This year too, women have dominated the top ranks in UPSC Civil Services 2022 results. Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N and Smriti Mishra have secured the top four ranks, respectively in the UPSC 2022 results.

List of IAS Toppers 2022

A total of 933 candidates have been recommended for various posts through IAS Exam 2022. The list of the first ten All India Rank holders are given below:

All India Rank 2022  Name Marks scored
1 Ishita Kishore 1094
2 Garima Lohia 1063
3 Uma Harathi N 1060
4 Smriti Mishra 1055
5 Mayur Hazarika 1054
6 Gahana Navya James 1054
7 Waseem Ahmad Bhat 1053
8 Aniruddh Yadav 1051
9 Kanika Goyal 1045
10 Rahul Srivastava 1043

UPSC Topper 2021

Shruti Sharma has topped the Civil Services Exam 2021 the result of which was declared on 30th May 2022. The first four rank holders are all female, which are followed by three males.

  • Shruti Sharma secured for herself All India Rank 1.
  • She scored 173 marks and 932 marks in personality test and mains respectively totalling to 1105 marks.
  • Her optional subject was History.
  • She is immediately followed by AIR 2 Ankita Agarwal who trails by 55 marks out of the total.

List of IAS Toppers 2021

A total of 685 candidates have been recommended for various posts through IAS Exam 2021. The list of the first ten All India Rank holders are given below:

All India Rank Name Total Marks Category
1 Shruti Sharma 1105 General/UR
2 Ankita Agarwal 1050 General/UR
3 Gamini Singla 1045 General/UR
4 Aishwarya Verma 1039 General/UR
5 Utkarsh Dwivedi 1036 General/UR
6 Yaksh Chaudhary 1033 General/UR
7 Samyak S Jain 1031 General/UR – PwBD 2
8 Ishita Rathi 1030 General/UR
9 Preetam Kumar 1030 OBC
10 Harkeerat Singh Randhawa 1026 General/UR

List of IAS Toppers 2020

761 candidates have been recommended for the UPSC Posts through CSE 2020. The IAS toppers 2020 come from different backgrounds. There are engineers, arts graduates, doctors, teachers, etc.

The list of UPSC Toppers 2020 who secured All India Rank 1 to 5 is given below:

UPSC Civil Services Topper All India Rank
Shubham Kumar 1
Jagriti Awasthi 2
Ankita Jain 3
Yash Jaluka 4
Mamta Yadav 5

AIR 2 Jagriti Awasthi – IAS Topper 2020

  • She has cleared the exam in her 2nd attempt.
  • Sociology was her optional subject.

Read about UPSC 2020 AIR 2 Jagriti Awasthi and her success story in the linked article.

AIR 3 Ankita Jain – IAS Topper 2020

  • Though she had cleared UPSC Exam in her second attempt which landed her to the Audit and Accounts Services; she secured the third rank in her fourth attempt.
  • Philosophy was her optional subject.

Read about UPSC 2020 AIR 3 Ankita Jain and her success story in the linked article.

AIR 4 Yash Jaluka – IAS Topper 2020

  • He has bagged the fourth position in the Civil Services Examination in his first attempt.
  • Economics was his optional subject.

Read about UPSC 2020 AIR 4 Yash Jaluka and her success story in the linked article.

AIR 5 Mamta Yadav – IAS Topper 2020

  • She secured 556 rank in her first attempt only to rank at the 5th position in her second attempt.
  • Physics was her optional subject.

Read about UPSC 2020 AIR 5 Mamta Yadav and her success story in the linked article.

You would love to read about a few other candidates who cracked the Civil Services 2020 Examination with their sheer hard work:

IAS Topper 2020 AIR 14 Karishma Nair IAS Topper 2020 AIR 17 Sarthak Aggarwal
IAS Topper 2020 AIR 26 Pulkit Singh IAS Topper 2020 AIR 28 Divya Mishra
IAS Topper 2020 AIR 30 Divyanshu Choudhary IAS Topper 2020 AIR 35 Aparna Ramesh
IAS Topper 2020 AIR 42 Pooja Gupta IAS Topper 2020 AIR 51 Nisha Grewal

Check marks scored by IAS Toppers, cut-off and answer-key from the links below:

IAS Topper Videos

Learn about the UPSC Toppers preparation strategies from them. Have a look at the Civil Services Toppers sharing their tips and guidelines about the examination.
UPSC Topper – AIR 2 (2020) – Jagriti Awasthi

UPSC Topper – AIR 19 (2019) – Shrestha Anupam

UPSC Topper – AIR 80 (2018) – Khushboo Gupta

UPSC Topper – AIR 9 (2017) – Saumya Sharma

List of UPSC IAS Toppers (2013-2022)

Find below the names of top three UPSC toppers of various years:

UPSC Toppers

(Year) IAS Topper Rank 1 IAS Topper Rank 2 IAS Topper Rank 3
UPSC Toppers 2022 Ishita Kishore Garima Lohia Uma Harathi N
UPSC Toppers 2021 Shruti Sharma Ankita Agarwal Gamini Singla
UPSC Toppers 2020 Shubham Kumar Jagrati Awasthi Ankita Jain
UPSC Toppers 2019 Pradeep Singh Jatin Kishore Pratibha Verma
UPSC Toppers 2018 Kanishak Kataria Akshat Jain Junaid Ahmad
UPSC Toppers 2017 Anudeep Durishetty Anu Kumari Sachin Gupta
UPSC Toppers 2016 Nandini K R Anmol Sher Singh Bedi Gopalakrishna Ronanki
UPSC Toppers 2015 Tina Dabi Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan Jasmeet Singh Sandhu
UPSC Toppers 2014 Ira Singhal Renu Raj Nidhi Gupta
UPSC Toppers 2013 Gaurav Agrawal Munish Sharma Rachit Raj


IAS Toppers & their Optional Subjects

2019 UPSC Toppers with their Optional Subjects

IAS Toppers 2019
UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
AIR 1 Pradeep Singh Public Administration
AIR 2 Jatin Kishore Economics
AIR 3 Pratibha Verma Physics
​​AIR 4 Himanshu Jain Anthropology
AIR 5 Jeydev C S Law
AIR 6 Vishakha Yada Political Science & International Relations
AIR 7 Ganesh Kumar Baskar Mathematics
AIR 8 Abhishek Saraf Civil Engineering
AIR 9 Ravi Jain Psychology
AIR 10 Sanjita Mohapatra Sociology

2018 UPSC Toppers with their Optional Subjects

IAS Toppers 2018
UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
Kanishak Kataria Mathematics
Akshat Jain Anthropology
Junaid Ahmad Geography
Shreyansh Kumat Anthropology
Shruti Jayant Deshmukh Sociology
Shubham Gupta Law
Karnati Varunreddy Mathematics
Vaishali Singh Law
Gunjan Dwivedi Political Science
Tanmay Vashishta Sharma Mathematics

2017 UPSC Toppers with their Optional Subjects

IAS Toppers 2017
UPSC Toppers Name Optional
Anudeep Durishetty Anthropology
Anu Kumari Sociology
Sachin Gupta Anthropology
Atul Prakash Mathematics
Pratham Kaushik Geography
Koya Sree Harsha Anthropology
Ayush Sinha Geography
Anubhav Singh Mathematics
Saumya Sharma Law
Abhishek Surana Physics

2016 UPSC Toppers with their Optional Subjects

IAS Toppers 2016
UPSC Toppers Name Optional
Nandini K R Kannada Literature
Anmol Sher Singh Bedi Political Science
Gopalakrishna Ronanki Telugu Literature
Saumya Pandey Geography
Abhilash Mishra Public Administration
Kothamasu Dinesh Kumar Political Science
Anand Vardhan Political Science
Shweta Chauhan Geography
Suman Sourav Mohanty Public Administration
Bilal Mohi Ud Din Bhat Veterinary Science

2015 UPSC Toppers with their Optional Subjects

IAS Toppers 2015
UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
Tina Dabi Political Science
Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan Philosophy
Jasmeet Singh Sandhu Punjabi Literature
Artika Shukla Medical Science
Shashank Tripathi Sanskrit
Ashish Tiwari Public Administration
Sharanya Ari Sociology
Yogesh Kumbhejkar Mathematics
Karn Satyarthi Political Science
Anupam Shukla Physics

2014 UPSC Toppers with their Optional Subjects

IAS Toppers 2014
UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
Ira Singhal Geography
Renu Raj Malayalam Literature
Nidhi Gupta Physics
Vandana Rao Sociology
Suharsha Bhagat Geography
Charusree Thiagarajan Geography
Lok Bandhu Yadav Sociology
Nitish K Mathematics
Ashish Kumar Electrical Engineering
Arvind Singh Sociology

2013 UPSC Toppers with their Optional Subjects

IAS Toppers 2013
UPSC Toppers Name Optional Subject
Gaurav Agrawal Economics
Munish Sharma Law
Rachit Raj Zoology
Akshay Tripathi Mechanical Engineering
Bharti Dixit Medical Science
Sakshi Sawhney Law
Chanchal Rana Geography
Johny Tom Varghese Sociology
Divyanshu Jha Physics
Medha Roopam Psychology

Preparation Tips & Strategy by IAS Toppers

Aspirants can check the next table containing the links to the biographies (background, marks, preparation journey) of the IAS Toppers:

IAS Topper 2019 Rank 1 IAS Topper 2018 Rank 1
IAS Topper 2019 Rank 2 IAS Topper 2018 Rank 2
IAS Topper 2019 Rank 3 IAS Topper 2018 Rank 3
IAS Topper 2019 Rank 4 IAS Topper 2018 Rank 4
IAS Topper 2019 Rank 5 IAS Topper 2018 Rank 5

IAS Topper Marks

While candidates slog day in and day out, they would want to know the benchmark set by the previous years’ UPSC toppers in the IAS exam. Here, we are listing down the final marks achieved by the Civil Services Exam Toppers over the years:

UPSC Topper Final Marks in UPSC (out of 2025)
IAS Topper 2021 AIR 1 Shruti Sharma 1105
IAS Topper 2020 AIR 1 Shubham Kumar 1054
IAS Topper 2019 AIR 1 Pradeep Singh 1072
IAS Topper 2018 AIR 1 Kanishak Kataria 1121
IAS Topper 2017 AIR 1 Anudeep Durushetty 1126
IAS Topper 2016 AIR 1 Nandini KR 1120
IAS Topper 2015 AIR 1 Tina Dabi 1063
IAS Topper 2014 AIR 1 Ira Singhal 1082
IAS Topper 2013 AIR 1 Gaurav Agarwal 1072

9 Golden Tips from IAS Toppers

Don’t mug up anything. Be strong in your basics, read NCERTs. [Ira Singhal – AIR 1, 2014] Every topic in every subject must be revised at least three times. What is studied in a week must be revised in the very next week. [Tina Dabi – 1, 2015] Instead of reading many books for a single topic read one book many times. [Nandini K R – 1, 2016]
Mock papers work wonders for you. Do practice them. [Renu Raj – 2, 2014] In the essay paper, cut down on excessive idioms, metaphors and flowery language. Keep it simple. [Nikhil B – 107, 2016] On NCERTs: These books are lucidly written and provide a foundation for any subject. Only after clearing one’s basics does it make sense to refer to advanced books. [Kanishak Kataria – 1, 2018]
On medium of exam: If you are confident enough to articulate your thoughts, then no one can hinder your success. No language is superior or inferior. [Govind Jaiswal – 48, 2006] Learn from your mistakes, enjoy the preparation process, and put in your heart and soul into it. [Dinesh Kumar C – 24, 2016] On interview: Don’t argue with the UPSC interview chairman, and take his questions very seriously. [Akash P – 63, 2013]

Have a look at the below-mentioned links:

Top Ten Toppers’ Tips to Crack the UPSC Exams Essay Paper Strategy from Toppers
Political Science Optional Strategy by Topper Mirant Parikh 7 Golden Tips from Toppers to Ace UPSC Interview
Essential Topper’s Booklist for First Timers Toppers’ Tips on Answer Writing for UPSC Mains Exam

Did you know?
The average age of UPSC toppers is about 26 years. Read more about the average age of UPSC toppers in the linked article.

IAS Topper Blogs

Aspirants can find the blogs of IAS Toppers from past years to learn more about their preparation strategy and tips for success in the Civil Services Exam.  (Just copy the blog address in the browser – new tab)

IAS Topper Blog
Kanishak Kataria (AIR 1, CSE 2017) anudeepdurishetty.in/blog/
Nandini KR (AIR 1, CSE 2016) iasnandinikr.blogspot.com/
Tina Dabi (AIR 1, CSE 2015) tinadabi.wordpress.com/
Ira Singhal (AIR 1, CSE 2014) irasinghal.blogspot.in/
Renu Raj (AIR 2, CSE 2014) ghatotkacha-nair.blogspot.in/
Nitish K (AIR 8, CSE 2014) nitishhebbar.wordpress.com/2015/07/23/about-this-blog/
Ashish Kumar (AIR 9, CSE 2014) billano786.wordpress.com/about/
Nishant Jain (AIR 13, CSE 2014) nishantjainias.blogspot.in/
Gaurav Agrawal (AIR 1, CSE 2013) thesupermanreturns.wordpress.com/
Divyanshu Jha (AIR 9, CSE 2013) jhinujha.wordpress.com/
Sriram V (AIR 2, CSE 2012) sriramv.wordpress.com/
Divya Mittal (AIR 68, CSE 2012) divya-mittal.blogspot.in/
Shweta Mohanty (AIR 2, CSE 2011) scraps.oriyaonline.com/blog/tag/shweta-mohanty/
Prakash Rajpurohit (AIR 2, CSE 2010) prakashrajpurohit.wordpress.com/
Anay Dwivedi (AIR 5, CSE 2010) anaydwivedi.wordpress.com/
Tanvi Sundriyal (AIR 6, CSE 2010) thecivilservicesdream.blogspot.in/
Garima Mittal (AIR 8, CSE 2010) garima-mittal-ias.blogspot.in/
Prabhjot Singh (AIR 16, CSE 2010) prabhjotsinghgujral.blogspot.in/
Ghanshyam Thori (AIR 25, CSE 2010) ghanshyamthori.blogspot.in/
Abhijeet Aggarwal (AIR 24, CSE 2009) abhijeetagrawal.blogspot.in/

Check our Get Inspired page for more articles on IAS Toppers.

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