Maths Olympiad

Maths Olympiads are held all around the world to recognise children who excel in maths. The test is offered at many grade levels and provides students with numerous possibilities to win certifications, awards, and even scholarships for higher studies. The International Maths Olympiad is a well-known maths Olympiad that promotes maths brains. It’s a fantastic platform to recognise and reward maths performers all across the world.

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The fundamental goal of this exam is to establish in students a competitive attitude. Olympiad tests, unlike school exams, are designed to reveal the true significance of the arithmetic study. It provides a broader perspective on maths issues and their applications in the real world. Here, we discuss the Maths Olympiad Exams in detail.

List of Olympiads

IMO (International Maths Olympiad)
PRMO (Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad)
RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad)
INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad)
IOM (International Olympiad of Mathematics)
NSTSE (National Level Science Talent Search Examination)
NSEJS (National Standard Examination In Junior Scientific)
IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad)
NSO (National Science Olympiad)
IAO (International Astronomy Olympiad)
INAO (Indian National Astronomy Olympiad)
IOQJS (Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Junior Science)
STSE (State Talent Search Examination)

What is the Mathematics Olympiad?

The International Mathematical Olympiad is organised by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) in India. On behalf of NBHM, the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) conducts the selection procedure. Some Maths Olympiads have been listed below.

IMO – International Mathematics Olympiad

The SOF IMO is an exam that assesses students’ mathematical understanding and potential. Students who take part in the IMO can evaluate their knowledge on the topic, and their ability to solve various sorts of sums on a school, local, zonal, and worldwide level.

PRMO – Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad

The Indian Mathematical Olympiad begins with the Pre-RMO, or PRMO. The Pre-Regional Mathematical Olympiad (PRMO) is the full name of the competition. It’s a preliminary round for determining who will compete in the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO). The National Board for Higher Mathematics has named the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) as the exam’s coordinator (NBHM).

RMO – Regional Mathematics Olympiad

The RMO or Regional Maths Olympiad is the second stage of the mathematics talent search examination that is conducted in India. The exam is conducted by the Regional Coordinator under the guidance of HBCSE, Mumbai.This exam is only offered at a few locations in the region. The exam will last 3 hours and will consist of 6 questions. The exam is taken in English/Hindi or other regional languages on occasions.

INMO – Indian National Mathematical Olympiad

The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) is a maths competition held in India. The INMO is the HBCSE IMO’s third step. The Indian National Olympiad is a well-known yearly mathematics competition for high school students held in India. The INMO test is the second stage in the selection process for the Indian team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Every year, the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education administers the INMO test (HBCSE).

The top 35 students from the INMO are invited to the fourth stage, the International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC), which takes place at HBCSE in April and May. Students get orientation for the International Mathematical Olympiad during this camp (IMO). The development of intellectual underpinnings and problem-solving abilities is prioritised. During the camp, there will be several selection exams. Six students are chosen to represent India at the IMO based on their achievement in these examinations. The training sessions are attended by resource individuals from various institutions around the nation.

IOM – International Olympiad of Mathematics.

The National and International Maths Olympiad assessments examine students’ analytical reasoning ability in school-level mathematics. Every year, students from grades 1 to 12 compete in the International Olympiad of Mathematics to determine their actual potential in the subject of mathematics. The Silver zone IOM test is entirely based on the CBSE/ICSE/State Boards’ syllabus.

STSE – State Talent Search Examination

STSE is a scholarship test conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer, to help students who aspire to continue their education at the graduate and post-graduate levels. It is conducted yearly for Class 10 and 12 students from examination boards which are recognized.

Eligibility Criteria for Mathematics Olympiad

The maths Olympiad eligibility differs depending on the type of Olympiad examinations the student is applying for. For example, the Science Olympiad Foundation invites all students in grades 1 to 12 to compete in the International Maths Olympiad.

Registration for Maths Olympiad

While most mathematics Olympiad tests are administered by the school, others allow students to apply on their own. Students can learn more about registration information by visiting the websites of relevant organisations or by contacting their particular schools.

The format of the Maths Olympiad test is determined by the organisation that administers it. Various maths Olympiads are held both offline and online at different levels.

Mathematics Olympiad Syllabus

Every maths Olympiad course is designed to uncover the sharpest and brightest brains in the field. The syllabus’ subjects are drawn from the academic curriculum. Students would have to respond to multiple-choice questions, numerical solutions, or a thorough written solution or proof, depending on the themes of the examinations.

Significance and Benefits of Mathematics Olympiad

The Maths Olympiad helps students develop their mathematical abilities as well as their competitive capabilities. It allows students to discover their own aptitude and potential. Exams like these give a foundation for achieving overall academic proficiency. Maths Olympiad participants get the confidence to overcome difficult problems. This gives them a competitive advantage over their colleagues. The rewards and accolades acquired through the test are extremely beneficial in terms of raising one’s academic reputation and advancing one’s career. Some benefits of Olympiad exams are listed below

  • Platforms such as Olympiads can assist students in identifying their areas of progress and strengths. Parents may guide their children in the appropriate route, based on their child’s strengths and skills.
  • The Maths Olympiad is a free platform for all students to put their reasoning skills to the test. It makes it easier for them to figure out where they are in terms of their arithmetic skills.
  • Preparing for Olympiads introduces a youngster to a new realm of study. If the student does well in the exam, the prospect of receiving a scholarship for further maths study or research increases.
  • Children are more likely to acquire an interest in arithmetic as a result of the Olympiad curriculum’s analytical and engaging nature. Apart from that, competing at such a high level would encourage them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Maths Olympiad


What is the purpose of the Maths Olympiad exam?

The Maths Olympiad is a competition that assesses students’ mathematical abilities. It is held for students at every school level to allow them to demonstrate their mathematical talents.

How can I register for the Maths Olympiad?

There are two possibilities. To begin, students might use Google to search for various Maths Olympiad websites. The Olympiads’ official websites include all the information you need. Check with the school administration or instructors as a second option.

What is the Maths Olympiad Syllabus?

The Maths Olympiad curriculum differs from one organisation to the next, although the academic syllabus for each class serves as the foundation for the maths Olympiad syllabus. Students can get the syllabus from the Maths Olympiad’s official website or look through previous years’ question papers.

What is the Maths Olympiad Exam format?

The format of the Maths Olympiad Exam is determined by the organisation that is administering it. Some organisations administer the test online, while others administer it in person at various schools or educational institutions.