Odisha Board Syllabus

Students can download the Odisha Board Syllabus of Class 11 and 12 from the official website. However, for the convenience of the studies, we have also provided them in this article below. Students can access the pdf and download it for future reference. It will also help the students to understand how the particular subject is important from the examination point of view giving relevant information about the course. A good syllabus also communicates to the students the goal of the course.

For updated 2020-2021 version of syllabus, visit here.

Find the Odisha Board Syllabus for Classes 11 and 12 in the table below. Students are advised to go through it as it will help them to prepare better for the classes and also to create an effective study plan.

Odisha Board Syllabus- Class 11 & Class 12

Odisha Board Class 11 Syllabus
Odisha Board Class 12 Syllabus

Meanwhile, students can also get information about the syllabus for classes 9 and 10 from the respective links given in this article below:

Information About Odisha Board Syllabus For Class 9 & Class 10

Odisha Board Class 9
Odisha Board Class 10

Benefits of Odisha Board Syllabus

A syllabus can be really helpful for the teachers and the students both. Find here some advantages or benefits of the syllabus. With the help of the syllabus, students can prepare ahead of the class by organizing the required textbook and even reading up the required material. It also contains a description of the course, so that students get to know why they have to study the subject or how it will fit in with their future education or career plans.

  • The syllabus is a very effective course planning tool
  • Helps the students to be very organized and plan ahead
  • With the help of a syllabus, students can get information about the course strategies, such as lectures, discussions, group work, labs and so on
  • Students can get a clear idea about the course and what will be taught in it

Students can also find the study resources for bse odisha class 12 here. Keep Learning and stay tuned for further updates on Odisha Board


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