PSEB Books 2021-22 | Download Punjab Board Textbooks For Classes 1 to 12

PSEB books is a very crucial resource for the students to prepare most effectively for the board exams, conducted by the Punjab Education Board. The Punjab School Education Board -PSEB is a well-known educational Board, for its quality of education along with a commendable academic structure. The PSEB came into existence in the year 1969 with an aim to provide a smooth learning and better career opportunities to students.

Along with the structured syllabus, the Punjab State Board of Education also provides free PSEB textbooks and other study materials to help students with their exam preparations. PSEB Pdf books are the best resource for the students to just randomly revise all the concepts of the required subjects. Students can browse the links given in this article below for PSEB Pdf books of the required Classes.

PSEB Books PDF for Classes 1 to 12

These textbooks of PSEB play a vital role in every student’s education as they are widely used by the students as the reference study materials. Students can refer to the PSEB Books PDF of the respective subject of any specific Class to resolve any doubt that may arise for them about a related topic from the book. They can also revise all the concepts from PSEB Books PDF to prepare most proficiently for the final exams of the respective Class.

Click on the below given links to download the class-wise and subject wise PSEB Books for Maths, Science, Social Science and Languages.

PSEB Class Wise Text Books

We have provided here the class wise links for the students to download the PSEB books for the respective subjects and prepare ahead for the board exams by mastering all the concepts explained in the textbook. Learning a subject can be daunting if not for these PSEB  books that are very resourceful.

Here, in this table below we have provided the links to access the respective class wise PSEB books for Classes from 1 to 12. Students can refer to these and revise the subject for the final exams to score well.

Class 1 books
Class 2 Books
Class 3 Books
Class 4 Books
Class 5 books
Class 6 Books
Class 7 Books
Class 8 Books
Class 9 Books
Class 10 Books
Class 11 Books
Class 12 Books

Download PSEB Textbooks Class 1-12 PDFs 2021-22

Students can click on the links given below, in this article and download the PSEB Textbooks PDF for all the major subjects from Class 1 to 12 below. Studying from these PSEB books will help students to cover the entire syllabus and to score high marks in the exam. Find here the subject wise PSEB books for all the Classes.

PSEB Books for Class 12 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 11 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 10 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 9 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 8 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 7 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 6 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 5 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 4 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 3 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 2 2021-22

PSEB Books for Class 1 2021-22

These  PSEB textbooks are designed and published under the guidance of academic research and professionals. These books comprise the entire syllabus and help students in their learning all the concepts thoroughly before their examinations. Apart from the PSEB 10th syllabus based topics, these textbooks include glossary, examples, unsolved exercise, important points, questions, and few model question papers to help students to gain knowledge about the question paper pattern. We at BYJU’S aims to convey students with all the necessary support for performing best in their examinations. The PSEB textbooks are available in pdf format, students can either download or prepare online by visiting our website.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S to get more information, latest notifications, and updates on the syllabus, exam dates, books results, hall tickets, important question, PSEB model test paper, and other study materials.


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