Punjab School Education Board Question Papers

Punjab School Education Board was established in 1969 for promoting school education and development in the state of Punjab. PSEB organises and conducts board examination for middle school, matriculation and the senior secondary level. One of the best resources to prepare most efficiently for these board exams are the PSEB Previous Year Question Papers. Students can solve these and practice to face the exams most confidently.

Why are PSEB Question Papers Important?

Matriculation and senior secondary level examinations are very important as they are the focal point in a student’s life. It decides their future course of action and eventually, their career. Therefore, students should prepare well by referring to older PSEB previous year question papers and solving them. Besides academic interests, question papers are designed to gauge how well a student can elaborate and expand upon a topic. Furthermore, it is useful as the students learn to think critically and analytically.

CLASS 10 Previous Year Question Paper
CLASS 12 Previous Year Question Paper

Furthermore, our rendition of the PSEB model test paper is designed to highlight new, important questions, questions that have been asked frequently. Moreover, these pseb question papers 12th class 2016 and the previous year class 10 questions help students to gain more practice solving those problems that are likely to be asked in the board exams.

Highlights of PSEB Question Papers 

  • Important questions are highlighted
  • Comprehensive analysis of previous years question papers
  • Designed to provide a deeper insight into a subject
  • Important key points are provided
  • Suitable for offline study/ Downloadable in PDF Format

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