Jharkhand Board Books


Jharkhand’s public education system is governed by the Jharkhand Academic Council, which oversees the primary and secondary education in the state. Besides the other major boards in the state such as the CICSE and CBSE, numerous schools and colleges have affiliations with the JAC board. Furthermore, JAC board administers board exams for class 10 and class 12 across the state. Moreover, class 10 is locally known as “Secondary” in the state and similarly, class 12 is termed as “Intermediary.”

Jharkhand Board Books

Jharkhand Board is officially implementing the textbooks prescribed by the CBSE, i.e. NCERT textbooks. This is advantageous to JAC board books as the standards set by the NCERT is one among the more renown of all the educational resource publishers in India. JAC NCERT book offers the students an immersive educational instrument that will enable them to understand and comprehend various concepts and topics with ease.

Furthermore, the books promote critical thinking and enable the students to seek deeper insights rather than the superficial syllabus prescribed by the boards. Academics apart, the students will also be able to see the world around them with more meaning and clarity. Every phenomenon that happens around them can be explained in greater depth and detail.

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