JAC Previous Years Question Papers

Education in the state of Jharkhand is overseen by the autonomous body known as the Jharkhand Academic Council. This is also the body responsible for organising and administering the Classes 10 and 12 final public exams across the state. Furthermore, there are numerous schools and colleges that are affiliated with the JAC across the state. Locally, Class 10 exams are called as “Secondary”, similarly, Class 12 exams are known as “Intermediate.” Preparing for the board exams can be challenging and here in this article, we have compiled the JAC question bank or rather a collection of class-wise Jharkhand board previous year questions, especially for subjects like Maths, Science and Social Science. One of the best methods to ace the final exams is to get enough practise solving the JAC Board Question. Students can refer to these JAC Board Question links to get the respective subjects and classes, given below in this article.

Importance of Analysing the Question Papers

Older question papers such as JAC Board Class 12 Question Paper 2018, JAC board Question Paper 2017, JAC Question Paper 2016 (and even older) are considered as a valuable resource as they provide insight into the examination. Furthermore, the JAC question bank helps the students to anticipate many aspects such as the type of questions, distribution of marks, probable questions, obscure trends or patterns etc. Therefore, students should consider analysing the previous years’ question papers if they want to secure more marks.

From the perspective of examiner who sets question papers, it is highly likely that the same pattern or even questions might be adapted from JAC question paper 2018. Therefore, ensure that you practice previous years question papers to cement your understanding of the concepts and to be aware of the pattern of examination. For this we have also provided the JAC Model Question Paper 2018 so that you get more questions based on similar pattern.

JAC Board Question

Here, in a table below we have listed the links to access the JAC Board Question for the Classes 6 to 12.

JAC Board Class 6 Previous Year Question Papers
JAC Board Class 7 Previous Year Question Papers
JAC Board Class 8 Previous Year Question Papers
JAC Board Class 9 Previous Year Question Papers
JAC Board Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers
JAC Board Class 11 Previous Year Question Papers
JAC Board Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers

These papers also include questions from JAC Board Question Paper 2017, JAC Model Question Paper 2018, JAC Board Class 12 Question Paper 2017, JAC Board Class 12 Question Paper 2018 and other years so to help students understand the types of questions likely to be asked in the exam.

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