NIOS Social Science C Level Syllabus

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) was established in November 1989 with the primary objective to provide a world-class standard in education.

C Level Social Science Syllabus

The syllabus plays a significant role in preparing students for examinations, and assures students to gain the required knowledge to explore new and diverse future career avenues.

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) develops the curriculum by self-learning material and expertise from several reputed academics and vocational education institutions. NIOS syllabus for C Level Social Science contains all basic subjects in an essential manner. NIOS C level Social Science syllabus comprises chapters of History, Geography, Economics and Political Science. The entire course has been divided into twenty chapters, with self-assessment provided at the end of each chapter. The total duration of the lesson plan is for 100 hours, which has been distributed according to the topics and subtopics.

Check the links given below for more information about each chapter given in the NIOS OBE – C level Social Science syllabus.

To view the chapter details, click on the relevant link:

Chapter 1: Evolution of Human Civilisation

Chapter 2: The Vedic Civilisation

Chapter 3: Life during Post Vedic Civilisation

Chapter 4: Social, Economics and Political Systems after the Mauryas

Chapter 5: Delhi Sultanate

Chapter 6: The Mughals and after Them – The Marathas and the Rajputs

Chapter 7: The Rule of British Company

Chapter 8: Freedom Struggle – British Rule and Independent India

Chapter 9: Our Country India – Physical Features

Chapter 10: Minerals and Energy Resources of India

Chapter 11: Agriculture in India

Chapter 12: Development of Industries

Chapter 13: Modes of Transportation and Communication

Chapter 14: Population Explosion and Population Control

Chapter 15: Financial Life

Chapter 16: Nature of Governance Systems

Chapter 17: Indian Constitution

Chapter 18: State Government

Chapter 19: Democracy and Local Self-Governance

Chapter 20: India on the Path of Progress

The syllabus is the course outline of what students will learn for a given semester. It helps them know what to expect and gives them an idea of what they should study. To explore other resources for your exams, register at BYJU’S NIOS.


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