NIOS Maths C Level Syllabus

Maths is one of the most challenging and mandatory subjects of the student’s curriculum, which requires more practice and hard work. The Maths syllabus is well structured and designed, especially by academic experts, and follows the NCERT guidelines.

C-Level Maths Syllabus

NIOS Maths C Level Syllabus contains all essential information about the subject along with the mark-wise weightage for every chapter so that students can have a good idea about the exam pattern.

The entire course comprises twenty chapters, which has been divided into six units.

The total duration of the lesson plan is for 100 hours, which has been distributed according to the topics and subtopics. To improve students’ learning ability and build their interest in the subject Vedic Mathematics has also been included in the current syllabus.

Check the links given below for more information about each chapter given in the NIOS OBE – C level Maths syllabus:

The syllabus of Maths includes:

Unit 1: Arithmetic

Chapter 1: Natural and Whole Numbers

Chapter 2: Integers

Chapter 3: Square, Squareroot and Cube, Cube root

Unit 2: Algebra

Chapter 4: Introduction to Algebra

Chapter 5: Algebraic Expressions and Operations

Chapter 6: Linear Equations in One Variable

Unit 3: Commercial Mathematics

Chapter 7: Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 8: Percentage and its Applications

Chapter 9: Simple and Compound Interest

Unit 4: Geometry

Chapter 10: Fundamental Geometrical Concepts

Chapter 11: Angle and Parallel Lines

Chapter 12: Triangles and Its Types

Chapter 13: Quadrilaterals and Its Types

Chapter 14: Circles

Chapter 15: Congruent and Symmetric Figures

Unit 5: Area and Statistics

Chapter 16: Area of Plane Figure

Chapter 17: Volume of Solids

Chapter 18: Introduction to Statistics

Unit 6: Vedic Mathematics

Chapter 19: Introduction of Vedic Mathematics

Chapter 20: Application of Vedic Mathematics

We, at BYJU’S, provide the detailed curriculum for the open basic education programme – A, B and C levels, along with the mark-wise weightage for every chapter to have a good idea about the exam pattern.


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