NIOS Secondary Course Group A

NIOS – National Institute of Open Schooling was established in November 1989 with the primary objective to provide a world-class standard in education.

NIOS frames its curriculum, self-learning study materials, and other supportive programmes by employing expertise from various educational and vocational education institutions.

Secondary Course Group A

NIOS Secondary Course Group A includes languages and students have an option of choosing languages according to their interests. Altogether NIOS has introduced 18 languages, including the regional languages. Among these 18 languages, one or a maximum of two languages is compulsory for the students to learn other subjects. The languages in Group A include:

Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Nepali, Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Persian, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Sindhi and Urdu.

The syllabus mainly depends on the combination selected by a particular student based on their interest, and a student can choose subjects from the scheme of studies.

We, at BYJU’S, provide the detailed curriculum for the NIOS secondary course and the mark-wise weightage for every chapter to have a good idea of the exam pattern.


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