A Comprehensive Guide for Class 1 Kids Learning

Class 1 is the beginners’ stage of learning new things and developing new literacy skills of young learners. In 1st Standard, they take their very first step towards their elementary school education. In this article, we shall discuss in detail about what kids learn in their first year i.e. Class 1 of primary school. 

As per the Class 1 syllabus, kids are introduced to study new subjects in Standard 1. Typically, Class 1 is the first grade which follows after kindergarten in elementary school. A child studying in this grade is usually 6-7 years old. Here’s a list of special resources that BYJU’S offers for Class 1 kids.

Class 1 learning plays an important role in kids’ learning. Introducing the little ones to simple essays in English, helping them solve fundamental mathematics problems, and engaging them in learning more about the environment in EVS is an essential step. These are some of the basics for Class 1 kids, and you can motivate them to learn and have fun.

Resources for 1st Standard Kids

Given below are some of the resources we are providing for Standard 1:

1. Class 1 English:

English is a very important subject of CBSE Class 1 curriculum. As per the English syllabus of 1st Standard, it includes grammar, stories and poems of elementary level for young kids. In Class 1 English, your child gets acquainted with reading high-frequency words and is familiarized with reading grade-level books fluently and understanding them. He/She gets a better sense of using different words used in the English subject.

2. Class 1 Maths:

As per the latest CBSE syllabus for Class 1, in standard 1 Maths, your child learns simple mathematical problems such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums and gets hands-on experience of counting sequential numbers up to 100. Besides, in Class 1 Maths, he/she also learns how to compare numbers using various mathematical signs, such as greater than, lesser than and equal to in 1st standard.

3. GK for Class 1:

In GK for Class 1, young kids learn basic General Knowledge questions of standard 1. GK questions create awareness among kids about his/her surroundings. He/She learns to become mindful of daily events and activities happening around him/her gradually. Having sound general knowledge helps the 1st grader to inculcate interest in the important events of the country and the world.

4. EVS for Class 1:

In Class 1 EVS syllabus, a standard 1 student studies about the environment and his/her natural surroundings like personal hygiene, plants, human body parts, animal homes and their sounds, birds and their young ones, etc. As the name suggests, the full form of EVS subject is Environmental Science, which creates awareness in the kid about the environment and prepares him/her to be aware of the people around and socially interact with his/her parents, teachers and friends. EVS is a very crucial subject for 1st grade kids.

5. Essays for Standard 1:

Writing essays is one of the most creative ways to assess the thinking power and writing prowess of a student. Standard 1 essay writing marks the beginning of developing writing skills. When a young kid writes an essay in 1st Standard, it gives him/her an opportunity to express his/her feelings and emotions in an artistic manner.  Your kid learns to compose short essays on simple topics of interest. To access a huge collection of essays for Class 1 kids, you can check at the linked article.

6. Poems for Class 1:

Poems play an important role in any language and at any level of education. Standard 1 is no exception. Class 1 poems are crafted in such a lyrical way to exhibit every emotion such as happiness, sadness, gratitude, surprise, or appreciation in a simple manner. Class 1 children would not just enjoy reading it but also understand the feelings conveyed in every poem.

7. NCERT Solutions for Class 1:

As per the CBSE syllabus of 1st Standard, NCERT textbooks are part of the curriculum. NCERT Solutions for Class 1 are designed in a simple manner to make learning interesting for the 1st grader. NCERT Solutions on important subjects such as Class 1 Maths and Standard 1 English are available to assist your 1st grader in learning various concepts easily.

8. CBSE Sample Papers for Standard 1:

Sample papers for Class 1 are prepared to help students develop a sense of fulfilment and understand the key concepts of each subject in detail. These CBSE Sample Papers for Class 1 are designed as per the latest CBSE Class 1 syllabus and NCERT guidelines. Solving sample papers for 1st standard will help young kids to be confident and have a fair idea of the type of questions they are likely to expect in their exams.

Want to explore more useful resources for your kids? We have a plethora of learning resources like intriguing worksheets, brain-tickling general knowledge questions, CBSE poems for kids, simple essays, easy trivia questions, NCERT solutions, etc. You can also check our Kids Learning section and make learning an enjoyable and fun-filled experience for your little one!