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Class 11 – 12
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Chaithanya Naik*

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Vamsi Krishna Reddy

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Rama Mahidar Reddy

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Animesh Bohara

BYJU’s has been an excellent experience for me. The teachers at BYJU’s has always given me the confidence to achieve my goals. Their unique style of teaching and explaining the subjects make every concept simple and easy.
The learning tool designed by BYJU’s is a huge boon to students like us. It is like having a teacher with you 24/7. The app is very informative and the quality of the teachers are very good.
“BYJU’S helped me clear my doubts in science & mathematics. The BYJU’S faculty is very good. Studying on this app is super fun and this has helped me perform better in my exams. Thank You BYJU’S!!!”
“The video lessons on BYJU’S app are my favorite. It has helped me a lot to understand hard topics in an easy way. The teachers are also very helpful and has taught me interesting shortcut tricks to crack maths problems. This app makes me want to study more.”
I have been using the learning app for a long period of time now. The concepts, illustrations and overall explanations are very detailed and second to none. The app has helped me nail the basics to perfection. It is just perfect for us and I just can’t stop loving this app!
“BYJU’s has helped me learn in a fun and interesting way. I love the mentors and the quality of content is very good. Thanks BYJU’s”
Sharada, 12th Standard
Abhinav N, 11th Standard
Mohammed Ishaan, 10th Standard
Sachit Gowda, 6th Standard
Trisha Chander, 9th Standard
Aman Mishra, 11th Standard
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